Behind the brush pattern

Taking advantage of the movement dynamics of filaments
to create the next evolution in effective brushware

What does it mean?


  • Outstanding cleaning performance
    • Filament unit patterns enhance cleaning efficacy in the specific movements used with that particular brush
  • Shape of filament security unit enhances efficacy
    • Different levels of toughness in cleaning performance for different directions in use
  • Extensively tested for excellent¬†efficacy
    • Passed all comparative testing with different soil types

What are the benefits to the end-user?


  • Cleaning tools perform their job better
    • Increases safety and reduces risk of cross-contamination
    • Reduces time required to clean the environment
    • Ergonomic design improves handling
  • Confidence
    • High standard of hygienic cleanliness
    • New standard in security, safety and hygiene
    • All due diligence documentation in place

Different patterns for different purposes

Deck scrub & Broom

Hand brush

Bench brush

Fully tested & documented

See how effective
it is in real life